Merry Christmas, everyone. We had fun opening our presents today. Snickers the Wonder Dog and Benny J. Cat XXIII loved it, too. Here’s our movies.

Snickers and Sheryl Do a Christmas Dance

Snickers Loves Her Christmas Presents

Benny Gets a Catnip Toy

Matt is 18

by Frank Roche on July 31, 2009

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Matt is 18 today. Happy birthday, MattMan.

UPDATE: Matt, this song was running through my head this morning. I remember playing this one when I turned 18.

Christmas Morning Chez Roche

by Frank Roche on December 25, 2008

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Here’s a look at the post-present time at our house this morning.

Views of Christmas 2007

by Frank Roche on December 30, 2007

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Some Smiling Faces About to Open Presents
Mottet 2007

There are some of the smiling faces from Sheryl’s family gathering, 2007. There’s a lot of movement, so a precise count is hard to come by, but I think I added up to 36 people at one time. We’re all here in Sycamore, Illinois and having a great time. After all, who could go wrong with all this mirth capped off with Christmas presents? Oh, did I mention the three prime ribs today?

Stratford Inn
Stratford Inn

Some of us are staying down the street at the Stratford Inn, which is a quaint place in the town of Sycamore, Illinois. The hotel was founded in 1926 in a building that was erected in 1852.

Sanitized for Your Protection
One cool thing about staying in an old hotel, besides the fact that it’s situated in a very nice downtown, is that you can have throwback memories. This sanitized for your protection sign was on the toilet. Seen one of those at the big box places anymore?

I Wanted to Give This Guy a Head Rub
Head on Airplane

We’re flying back to Philly tomorrow on United. Row 13. This picture is my POV from our flight to Chicago. This guy put his seat all the way back into my lap in 15D. I wanted to give him a head rub. Instead, I did what I always do — I blew little puffs of air into his bald spot. Ever do that? It makes people itchy. He kept swatting up there. And no matter what, who could credibly accuse a 48-year-old man of puffing on your hair? I have plausible deniability going for me the whole way.

I hope he’s not sitting in front of me tomorrow.