From an article on Mental Floss called Is Your Sense of Direction Innate?

A GPS may save your behind now and then, but it may meddle with your navigational skills if you depend on it to get everywhere. We naturally get around by using a process called “dead reckoning.” Basically, you estimate where you are by comparing your location to a reference point. You use a mental map to make these estimates. Problem is, when you rely on a GPS, that mental map can get foggy.


I Like Marbles

by Frank Roche on January 2, 2009

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Fortunately, I haven’t lost mine yet.

Cool Balloons

by Frank Roche on March 26, 2008

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Man, I love slo-mo photography. This Schweppes ad is stunning. I’m waiting impatiently for weather that will be warm enough to have a water balloon fight.

Charlie Nubrella

There’s Charlie in our Nubrella, which arrived at our offices yesterday. That thing is beyond cool. I wrote about it before here, but didn’t think it’s would be as cool as it is. Charlie was the first in Philly to wear one. And since it was raining cats and dogs yesterday afternoon, he braved the elements — and Philly attitude — to walk around the streets of Philadelphia with it. His kids took turns, too. The kids say it’s the next big thing. Look ma, no hands.

Seriously, it might look nuts, but it works. Sixty bucks. Lots of stares. Interrupt the pattern. How about that?

A Great Number

by Frank Roche on January 30, 2008

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