I submitted this one to the Desert Botanical Garden photo contest.


Time for a #Twitter Novel

by Frank Roche on April 18, 2017

in The Girl with Butterfly Wings

I figure I can write a novel on Twitter in 100 days. That’s 1000 words per day, with an average of 20 words per post…so, 50 Tweets per day.

Testing out naming now.


From an article on Mental Floss called Is Your Sense of Direction Innate?

A GPS may save your behind now and then, but it may meddle with your navigational skills if you depend on it to get everywhere. We naturally get around by using a process called “dead reckoning.” Basically, you estimate where you are by comparing your location to a reference point. You use a mental map to make these estimates. Problem is, when you rely on a GPS, that mental map can get foggy.


I think I’ll knock the dust off this thing

by Frank Roche on February 8, 2014

in Change

It’s been a while.


Goin’ Nowhere

by Frank Roche on October 22, 2012

in Frank's World

It surprises me when someone wants to stay on a bus to nowhere.